A Story About Clones

September 2, 2014

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The release is near.

A Story About Clones - Screenshot 01 A Story About Clones - Screenshot 02 A Story About Clones - Screenshot 03

Listen to the soundtrack snippets:

More about the game:

-> I updated the DevLog.
-> Set up a facebook page
-> And a website for my games with a press kit

What’s next?

One of the most difficult tasks: Marketing.

I’m not the person that talks much about his work. That’s a problem and a thing I have to learn.
I should have talked about it months ago. Reach out to people and tell them what’s great about my game. But I was so busy working on it and I didn’t tell people about the progress the game made. That’s something I have to do better from now on.

You can help me with that: Follow me on Twitter and my new Facebook page and share it with your friends. I will try to put out cool stuff that’s worth sharing.


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Beer, Birds and Eggs

May 8, 2014

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Topics in this blog post aaaarrreeee…


  • Beer bottle render
  • β†’ Quick Tip: Condensed Water


  • Urban Bird Flip 3D update
  • β†’Β Quick Tip: Unity, Optimization for Mobiles
  • Easter Color Beat Machine
  • β†’ Quick Tip: Unity, Rhythm games


  • RevMob & Gamejolt Revenue

Let’s go!

Blender LogoBlender

For a friend I designed labels for a fictional beer brand. The ship in the logo is a render of gregzaal’s model which you can download here: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/66638


I also modeled a bottle in Blender and rendered a promo image.

Beer Bottles

Beer Bottles



–> Quick tip on how to get condensed water on bottles in Blender :

  • Model a few variations of water drops and group them.
  • Select your bottle and create a Particle System.
  • Choose the group in the Render section.

I used two Particle Systems. One for big drops and one for small drops.
And a vertex group to have control over where on the bottle the drops appear.

Condensed Water (Blender)

Condensed Water (Blender)



Urban Bird Flip 3D Update

I took the time to have a look at my Flappy Jam entry Urban Bird Flip 3D again and updated a few things.

I changed the shaders, built a new GUI and updated the RevMob and Google Play Game Service plugins.
The pitch black shadows are gone now and everything feels much warmer and more cartoony.

Urban Bird Flip 3D - New GUI 1Urban Bird Flip 3D - New shadersUrban Bird Flip 3D - New GUI 2


I also optimized the code after I checked out Unity’s guides for mobiles:


In Unity:
Use object pooling instead of Instantiate and Destroy.

Check out the helpful Guides to Optimization for Mobiles:


Easter Egg Jam

I made a little game for the Easter Egg Jam. A game jam hosted by @Jupiter_Hadley and @i_palmentieri and the first one that used gamejolt’s new game jam system.

My entry is Easter Color Beat Machine Deluxe and you can play it here!

Easter Color Beat Machine Deluxe

Easter Color Beat Machine Deluxe



If you want to make rhythm games with Unity check out


In terms of revenue nothing big happened last month which isn’t surprising because I did not release anything new. I’m still waiting for the job center to decide whether I get the support or not.


February 2014: $0.46601
March 2014: $3.65716
April 2014: $1.90376


Gamejolt Revenue April 2014

Gamejolt Revenue April 2014


Now I will work on a little story mission in Unity and try to figure out a good way to display dialog and make cinematic camera movements and stuff.

Feel free to comment, check out the games and beat the high scores πŸ™‚

See you in the next post.


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The beginning of …

March 31, 2014

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… a success? … a failure? … something that will keep me busy for a long time?

I don’t know. But there is one thing I know for sure: I have to try it!

I want to make games. I want to be able to work on games full time. The problem is a familiar one: Money. If you don’t have money you need a job and if you have a job it might take forever to finish your own projects.

If you make games you probably have a talent for finding solutions. So I thought about what might be a good solution for my problem and I came up with one:

In Germany you can get governmental support for starting a business. In my case that support would be money to pay my rent and to keep me alive and a little bit on top of it. Of course you have to do something for it:

  • Write a business plan
  • Get expert’s opinion on your business plan
  • Make application for the governmental support (for which you need the business plan and the expert’s opinion)

I managed to write a business plan and already got a positive statement from an expert. Now I have to wait for the job center to decide whether I get the support or not.

If I don’t get the support I’ll have to think about another solution but if I get it I can start my business and the real work will begin.

I’m already working a lot to prepare the business:

  • Collecting game ideas
  • Thinking about the scale of projects because I have to finish them in a reasonable amount of time with only me doing everything (programming, 3D modeling, animating, writing story and music, marketing, etc.)
  • Working on prototypes
  • Expanding my twitter audience and looking for ways to promote future projects
  • Thinking of ways to earn money (which is tough because I don’t like ads and pay to win. I will experiment with different solutions to find something that’s a good compromise)

It’s a lot of work but it’s also very exciting and fun when your ideas begin to take shape. There is also doubt but I think that’s always the case if you try something new.

I just see it like this: If my business fails I learned a lot and created cool stuff that I can use to apply for a job. If it works out well, yeah, that would be even better. So it’s a win either way πŸ™‚

First experiences with Google Play Store

In my last post I promised to tell you about how the ad service RevMob works out for me.
I did my first steps into the Play Store with my Flappy Jam entry Urban Bird Flip 3D.

So here are some statistics.

Urban Bird Flip 3D in the Google Play Store:ubf3d_2014.03

RevMob revenue:

Gamejolt.com revenue:gamejolt_2014.03I don’t know what happend in the last few days. Maybe the data is wrong!?

Urban Bird Flip 3D earnings in total:
GameJolt: 2,79$
RevMob: 4,09$
= 6,88$

Hmm, it’s a start.
I’ll top that with my next game.
It’ll be something different and more original.
Stay tuned!

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Back again

February 23, 2014

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Oh,Β  it’s been a while since my last post. And where is the new design…?

I decided that the design can wait and just chose a new theme. There are a few things I want to share with you. A little game, a sculpt session, a robot and and a trailer. I also did another internship where I learned a lot. I can’t show you the stuff yet but as soon as the games are released I will post some renders.

Urban Bird Flip 3D Banner

Flappy J

I made a little android game for the Flappy Jam.

After a few hours in Unity the mechanics worked well but it took me some time to implement Google Play Game Services and to do all the art stuff. In the process of making and releasing the game I had to figure out how everything works with the Google Play Store. There are very useful Tutorials online. Shane O’Brien’s tutorial on how to implement Google’s game services was very useful.

I also implemented the mobile ad service RevMob which seems to work well with Unity. I will tell you about how the ads worked out for me in future posts.

It’s easy to get an APK out of Unity that you can test on your phone immediately and I was surprised how well the game runs even on older phones.

I also took the game assets I made in Blender and rendered a promo image:


Urban Bird Flip 3D


If you are interested in the game you can get it for free in the Google Play Store:

Urban Bird Flip Android QR

You can play it in your browser, too (without achievements):

Sculpt session

It was time to sculpt again. Come on, let’s sculpt again, yeah. So I grabbed a lowpoly character mesh from Blendswap and started.
It’s not finished yet but this is how it looks at the moment:




For the contest Create a robot in Blender I had the idea for an old robot. In my head it had really nice details, textures and lighting. Problem was that I had not enough time and to have something to post before the end of the deadline I decided to do a minimalistic version of it:

Old Robot



I made a trailer for Mori, a game that a friend and I made for our bachelor thesis.

This year the german game awards have a category for best game concept for students. We decided to submit our game and because of that I made this trailer.

Enjoy πŸ™‚




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