The launch and a new challenge

October 6, 2014

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the launch of my first commercial game “A Story About Clones” wasn’t what I call a success.

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I sold about 15 copies.

I think I didn’t manage to communicate what makes my game a unique and fun experience. On top of that I released the game when Apple released iOS 8. Wasn’t the most clever thing to do, I guess. But I’m still learning here 😉

Nonetheless I got a review from a German website and a Let’s Play.

They liked my game and it was great to get feedback after all the months of developing it.
The downside is that it had ZERO impact on my sales.

New domains and websites:

I have a new website for the game:

And a new domain for my games:

What’s next?!

I challenge myself to make a game every month!
You can do that, too. Check out!

My next project will be a 2 player multiplayer game that you can play together with a friend on one mobile device.

There will be more about “A Story About Clones” and the new project soon.
Stay tuned,  spread the word and…
Get The Game!

Thanks 🙂


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