A Story About Clones

September 2, 2014

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The release is near.

A Story About Clones - Screenshot 01 A Story About Clones - Screenshot 02 A Story About Clones - Screenshot 03

Listen to the soundtrack snippets:

More about the game:

-> I updated the DevLog.
-> Set up a facebook page
-> And a website for my games with a press kit

What’s next?

One of the most difficult tasks: Marketing.

I’m not the person that talks much about his work. That’s a problem and a thing I have to learn.
I should have talked about it months ago. Reach out to people and tell them what’s great about my game. But I was so busy working on it and I didn’t tell people about the progress the game made. That’s something I have to do better from now on.

You can help me with that: Follow me on Twitter and my new Facebook page and share it with your friends. I will try to put out cool stuff that’s worth sharing.


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  • maybe your posts could need some more structure, e.g. put twitter/facebook/everything social media related + the links you mention in your post seperately at the end of your post.

    marketing is of course one difficult task to do, especially if you have to do everything by yourself, tho you will grow with time and will also get used to do your daily/weekly blog post to keep your folks entertained and excited.
    one thing you could try out is IFTT (if this -> then that), which will help you automatize (syndicating) your content. so you connect it to your wordpress or facebook account and it will automatically spread the content over different media.

    [ ] http://ifttt.com

    keep it up!

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