Beer, Birds and Eggs

May 8, 2014

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Topics in this blog post aaaarrreeee…


  • Beer bottle render
  • → Quick Tip: Condensed Water


  • Urban Bird Flip 3D update
  • → Quick Tip: Unity, Optimization for Mobiles
  • Easter Color Beat Machine
  • → Quick Tip: Unity, Rhythm games


  • RevMob & Gamejolt Revenue

Let’s go!

Blender LogoBlender

For a friend I designed labels for a fictional beer brand. The ship in the logo is a render of gregzaal’s model which you can download here:


I also modeled a bottle in Blender and rendered a promo image.

Beer Bottles

Beer Bottles



–> Quick tip on how to get condensed water on bottles in Blender :

  • Model a few variations of water drops and group them.
  • Select your bottle and create a Particle System.
  • Choose the group in the Render section.

I used two Particle Systems. One for big drops and one for small drops.
And a vertex group to have control over where on the bottle the drops appear.

Condensed Water (Blender)

Condensed Water (Blender)



Urban Bird Flip 3D Update

I took the time to have a look at my Flappy Jam entry Urban Bird Flip 3D again and updated a few things.

I changed the shaders, built a new GUI and updated the RevMob and Google Play Game Service plugins.
The pitch black shadows are gone now and everything feels much warmer and more cartoony.

Urban Bird Flip 3D - New GUI 1Urban Bird Flip 3D - New shadersUrban Bird Flip 3D - New GUI 2


I also optimized the code after I checked out Unity’s guides for mobiles:


In Unity:
Use object pooling instead of Instantiate and Destroy.

Check out the helpful Guides to Optimization for Mobiles:


Easter Egg Jam

I made a little game for the Easter Egg Jam. A game jam hosted by @Jupiter_Hadley and @i_palmentieri and the first one that used gamejolt’s new game jam system.

My entry is Easter Color Beat Machine Deluxe and you can play it here!

Easter Color Beat Machine Deluxe

Easter Color Beat Machine Deluxe



If you want to make rhythm games with Unity check out


In terms of revenue nothing big happened last month which isn’t surprising because I did not release anything new. I’m still waiting for the job center to decide whether I get the support or not.


February 2014: $0.46601
March 2014: $3.65716
April 2014: $1.90376


Gamejolt Revenue April 2014

Gamejolt Revenue April 2014


Now I will work on a little story mission in Unity and try to figure out a good way to display dialog and make cinematic camera movements and stuff.

Feel free to comment, check out the games and beat the high scores 🙂

See you in the next post.


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