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March 31, 2014

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… a success? … a failure? … something that will keep me busy for a long time?

I don’t know. But there is one thing I know for sure: I have to try it!

I want to make games. I want to be able to work on games full time. The problem is a familiar one: Money. If you don’t have money you need a job and if you have a job it might take forever to finish your own projects.

If you make games you probably have a talent for finding solutions. So I thought about what might be a good solution for my problem and I came up with one:

In Germany you can get governmental support for starting a business. In my case that support would be money to pay my rent and to keep me alive and a little bit on top of it. Of course you have to do something for it:

  • Write a business plan
  • Get expert’s opinion on your business plan
  • Make application for the governmental support (for which you need the business plan and the expert’s opinion)

I managed to write a business plan and already got a positive statement from an expert. Now I have to wait for the job center to decide whether I get the support or not.

If I don’t get the support I’ll have to think about another solution but if I get it I can start my business and the real work will begin.

I’m already working a lot to prepare the business:

  • Collecting game ideas
  • Thinking about the scale of projects because I have to finish them in a reasonable amount of time with only me doing everything (programming, 3D modeling, animating, writing story and music, marketing, etc.)
  • Working on prototypes
  • Expanding my twitter audience and looking for ways to promote future projects
  • Thinking of ways to earn money (which is tough because I don’t like ads and pay to win. I will experiment with different solutions to find something that’s a good compromise)

It’s a lot of work but it’s also very exciting and fun when your ideas begin to take shape. There is also doubt but I think that’s always the case if you try something new.

I just see it like this: If my business fails I learned a lot and created cool stuff that I can use to apply for a job. If it works out well, yeah, that would be even better. So it’s a win either way 🙂

First experiences with Google Play Store

In my last post I promised to tell you about how the ad service RevMob works out for me.
I did my first steps into the Play Store with my Flappy Jam entry Urban Bird Flip 3D.

So here are some statistics.

Urban Bird Flip 3D in the Google Play Store:ubf3d_2014.03

RevMob revenue:
revmob_2014.03 revenue:gamejolt_2014.03I don’t know what happend in the last few days. Maybe the data is wrong!?

Urban Bird Flip 3D earnings in total:
GameJolt: 2,79$
RevMob: 4,09$
= 6,88$

Hmm, it’s a start.
I’ll top that with my next game.
It’ll be something different and more original.
Stay tuned!

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