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DevPix – March 2015

March 16, 2015

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Sorry, no DevPix last month because I did a lot of programming and technical stuff.
More about that in a future post!

Unity 5 / Blender – Project “LODs of Art” (A visual experiment)

LODs of Art 01

LODs of Art 01

LODs of Art 02

LODs of Art 02

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DevPix – January 2015

January 14, 2015

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DevPix is a new way for me to keep this blog interesting and up to date.
Every month I will create a new DevPix post. During the month I will update it with images of games and 3D stuff I’m working on. That way you (and I) can follow the progress of my projects.

3D – Project Felidae

Project Felidae 01

Project Felidae 01

Project Felidae 02  Project Felidae 03

Game – Project 2playerbattle

Project 2playerbattle 01 Project 2playerbattle 02 Project 2playerbattle 03 Project 2playerbattle 04

Project 2playerbattle 05

Project 2playerbattle 05

Project 2playerbattle 06

Steps to the final logo & variations

Project 2playerbattle 07


Project 2playerbattle 07

Variations in 3D

Versus Space Battle

Versus Space Battle

Finished! I released the game 🙂

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Back again

February 23, 2014

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Oh,  it’s been a while since my last post. And where is the new design…?

I decided that the design can wait and just chose a new theme. There are a few things I want to share with you. A little game, a sculpt session, a robot and and a trailer. I also did another internship where I learned a lot. I can’t show you the stuff yet but as soon as the games are released I will post some renders.

Urban Bird Flip 3D Banner

Flappy J

I made a little android game for the Flappy Jam.

After a few hours in Unity the mechanics worked well but it took me some time to implement Google Play Game Services and to do all the art stuff. In the process of making and releasing the game I had to figure out how everything works with the Google Play Store. There are very useful Tutorials online. Shane O’Brien’s tutorial on how to implement Google’s game services was very useful.

I also implemented the mobile ad service RevMob which seems to work well with Unity. I will tell you about how the ads worked out for me in future posts.

It’s easy to get an APK out of Unity that you can test on your phone immediately and I was surprised how well the game runs even on older phones.

I also took the game assets I made in Blender and rendered a promo image:


Urban Bird Flip 3D


If you are interested in the game you can get it for free in the Google Play Store:

Urban Bird Flip Android QR

You can play it in your browser, too (without achievements):

Sculpt session

It was time to sculpt again. Come on, let’s sculpt again, yeah. So I grabbed a lowpoly character mesh from Blendswap and started.
It’s not finished yet but this is how it looks at the moment:




For the contest Create a robot in Blender I had the idea for an old robot. In my head it had really nice details, textures and lighting. Problem was that I had not enough time and to have something to post before the end of the deadline I decided to do a minimalistic version of it:

Old Robot



I made a trailer for Mori, a game that a friend and I made for our bachelor thesis.

This year the german game awards have a category for best game concept for students. We decided to submit our game and because of that I made this trailer.

Enjoy 🙂




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